SPAC D&O Insurance

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) have become increasingly popular as an alternative route to traditional IPOs. However, the unique structure and risks associated with SPACs require specialized insurance solutions.

Janover Insurance Group offers tailored Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance designed specifically for SPACs, protecting your leadership and sponsors throughout the lifecycle of your venture.

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Unique Risks Faced by SPACs

SPACs often face a range of challenges and risks that differ from those of traditional public companies, including:

These unique risks underscore the importance of having a robust D&O insurance program that addresses the specific needs of SPACs.

Tailored D&O Coverage for Every Stage of Your SPAC

Janover’s SPAC D&O insurance solutions are designed to provide comprehensive protection throughout the entire SPAC lifecycle, from the initial IPO through the target acquisition and beyond. Our coverage includes:

  1. IPO and Pre-Acquisition Phase: Protects SPAC sponsors, directors, and officers against lawsuits related to the formation, IPO, and search for a target company.

  2. Post-Acquisition Phase: Provides ongoing coverage for the combined entity’s leadership after the successful completion of a merger or acquisition.

  3. Tail Coverage: Offers extended reporting periods to address any claims that may arise after the SPAC has completed its purpose.

Why Choose Janover for Your SPAC D&O Insurance?

As a SPAC sponsor or executive, you need an insurance partner who deeply understands the unique risks and challenges of the SPAC market. Janover Insurance Group’s team of SPAC insurance specialists have the expertise and experience to provide tailored D&O insurance solutions for every stage of your SPAC’s lifecycle.

We use our strong relationships with leading insurance carriers to secure the most comprehensive coverage at competitive terms. Our team works closely with you to assess your SPAC’s specific risk profile and design a customized insurance program that addresses your needs, from the initial IPO through the de-SPAC transaction and beyond.

With Janover, you can expect:

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