Public Company D&O Insurance

Your directors and officers face unique challenges and heightened scrutiny from various stakeholders. Anything from allegations of mismanagement, regulatory investigations, and securities class action lawsuits can put your leadership team and company at significant financial and reputational risk. 

Janover Insurance Group offers tailored Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance solutions to protect your executives and your company in critical situations.

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What Does D&O Insurance Cover?

D&O insurance is designed to protect your company and its executives if someone sues either (or both) of them. This insurance is generally divided into three main coverage areas, each with a specific purpose:

Side A Coverage

If a director or officer is personally named in a lawsuit, Side A coverage steps in to protect them. It covers legal defense costs and settlements when the company is unable or unwilling to indemnify the individual. This ensures that directors and officers have personal protection in the event of a lawsuit.

Side B Coverage

In some cases, the company may choose to indemnify its directors and officers named in a lawsuit. Side B coverage reimburses the company for these expenses, helping to protect the company’s financial resources while still providing support for its leadership.

Side C Coverage

When both the company and its directors or officers are named in a lawsuit, Side C coverage comes into play. This layer of insurance covers the costs and settlements incurred by the company itself, providing an additional layer of protection for the organization as a whole.

Tailored D&O Insurance Enhancements

At Janover, we understand that every public company faces unique risks. That’s why we offer a range of D&O insurance enhancements to address your specific needs, including:

Factors Affecting D&O Insurance Costs

As with any insurance policy, there are a number of factors that influence the cost of your D&O insurance policy. These may include all of the following:

Why Choose Janover Insurance Group?

When it comes to protecting your company and its leadership, you need a partner who understands the complexities of the public company D&O market and has the expertise to deliver tailored solutions. 

At Janover Insurance Group, we bring a wealth of experience and our deep understanding of the challenges faced by public companies to every engagement.

Our team of seasoned professionals has the knowledge, market insights, and strong relationships with top-rated D&O insurance carriers to provide you with comprehensive coverage at competitive terms. We take a collaborative approach to risk management, working closely with you to ensure your D&O insurance program is aligned with your company’s unique needs.

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